Why You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney on Your Side

October 21, 2019
attorney writing something down on his desk

There is a horrifying misconception in the United States that only guilty people need lawyers. Perhaps it’s the way that crimes are portrayed on television, or maybe just a feeling that innocent people have nothing to hide. Regardless of the reasoning, this is very dangerous for any person who wants to protect his or her rights. Our criminal defense lawyer in Fairfax VA at Rudolphi Law feels that it’s important that all defendants understand exactly why it’s so important to have a criminal defense
attorney on their side.

A good criminal defense lawyer starts his or her job before ever going to court. When you hire a lawyer, you’re hiring someone who is there to protect your rights. The police and the court are supposed to follow specific rules in terms of how they interact with the accused, and following those rules ensures that the justice system works fairly for all involved. It is the job of the criminal lawyer to inform his or her client of his or her rights and to make sure that the state doesn’t overstep its bounds.

Our Fairfax criminal defense lawyer ensures that their clients receive an informed defense. Remember, you can absolutely be charged and put on trial even if you are innocent – and it takes the help of someone who actually understands the system to give you a chance of walking away free.A good criminal defense lawyer also provides counsel and guidance to those going through this process, ensuring that the right choices are made by their clients.

If you have been charged with a crime, a criminal defense lawyer will be the most important person to whom you can turn. He or she won’t just represent you in court – he or she provides an important safeguard that ensures that your rights will be protected. If you have been charged with a crime or you simply need help with an issue concerning criminal law, make sure to contact Rudolphi Law.