When to Call an Attorney After Being Arrested for a Crime

November 15, 2019
an attorney shaking hands with a man

If you are arrested for a crime, it is crucial that you contact a Virginia Criminal Defense Attorney as soon as possible. A criminal defense lawyer Fairfax VA will help you understand and invoke important rights that may prove crucial to your defense.

Why should you contact an attorney immediately?
After you are arrested, you should contact a Virginia Criminal Defense Attorney immediately for several reasons, including:

  • An attorney can advise you about your rights
  • An attorney can be present if the police question you about the crime
  • An attorney can help argue and arrange for your release from incarceration
  • An attorney can request and review discovery to help you identify defenses
  • If there have been violations of your rights, then an attorney can file motions to suppress evidence
  • An attorney can negotiate with the prosecution for a plea agreement or other resolution
  • An attorney will represent you throughout all phases of the case
  • An attorney can cross examine witnesses
  • An attorney will advocate for your rights and interests

An attorney who is experienced and knows the law will help ensure that your case is handled appropriately. They will know the proper procedures to follow throughout the process and will protect your constitutional rights.

If your case proceeds to trial, then a criminal defense lawyer Fairfax VA will make sure the prosecution has to prove all elements of the charge. We will challenge the evidence and present a strategic case on your behalf. We will present argument to help raise doubt about the validity of the charges.

Because criminal charges can have significant consequences, it is important that you receive legal counsel as soon as possible. If you are facing criminal charges, contact Rudolphi Law. At Rudolphi Law we strive to achieve fair results.