Violence in the Home and How an Attorney Can Help

January 24, 2022

Domestic violence comes in many shapes and sizes. It can occur in the happiest and most stable of households or those that do not enjoy such blessings. It can also affect any person of any age, race, gender, or sexual orientation. If you have been involved in a case of domestic violence, you may already be familiar with the inherent difficulties associated. These are instances that are very emotionally charged: you may still care for the other party involved, you may want to make amends, you may be afraid of the other party, or the event could have ended any hope of the household relationship continuing. Sometimes these feelings can be difficult to manage, especially when there is a pending criminal case. However, there ways an attorney can help. If you think you may have a domestic abuse case, a domestic abuse attorney associated with Rudolphi Law can and will assist.

Domestic Abuse from Both Perspectives

Many persons who are charged with domestic abuse live in serious regret for their actions. The person who was the object of the abuse is, after all, a person of importance to them. This species of domestic violence case is tragic because it often involves families who were otherwise harmonious. Repairing that damage and returning things to its prior conditions is difficult but not impossible. Still, other cases of domestic abuse may not be aberrations. For these, the person charged has a great deal more work to do. This work goes well beyond merely trying to mend their relationship, but also includes work on themselves to ensure similar instances do not recur. Regardless of which of these broad categories you fall into, a domestic violence attorney Fairfax VA can help guide you through your domestic assault charge.

On the other side of a domestic violence case is the complainant. Individuals who are the object of a domestic abuse case come in various dispositions. Some are recalcitrant and see the situation as a misunderstanding or an aberration. Likewise, they do not want to proceed with the criminal justice system. Others may be afraid of the person arrested for domestic abuse and distrusting of the legal system. Regardless of where you wish to direct the case, if you are a victim in a domestic assault case, a domestic abuse attorney Fairfax VA can assist you as a legal advisor and liaison with the prosecution.

In fact, there are some instances where the parties to a domestic violence case are engaged in what is called “mutual combat” or are otherwise both criminally liable. In these kinds of cases, it is imperative that you contact a Virginia domestic abuse lawyer immediately.

How an Attorney Can Help

Domestic violence is a serious criminal charge and can be very tricky to navigate from either viewpoint. These are cases that are often very emotionally charged, and with good reason. A domestic assault lawyer VA that is knowledgeable and understands the law can help you quickly address the situation if you are charged with domestic assault. Moreover, if you are the complainant in a domestic abuse case and need help ensuring that you obtain the closure you need or are concerned about your own possible criminal liability a domestic abuse attorney Virginia can be your advocate throughout the situation.