Traffic Court Do’s and Don’ts

October 8, 2019
justice scales, gavel, and car keys

Going to traffic court can be frustrating. In the frustration, it can be difficult for people to think before acting and speaking. Get help by calling Rudolphi Law for a traffic lawyer Fairfax VA. To ensure you don’t find yourself in any more trouble, here are some do’s and don’ts of traffic court.

1. Do dress the part
You’d be amazed how many people show up to court in inappropriate attire. Take the time to show that you care by wearing your best clothes. Part of dressing the part also means speaking well and showing up on time. Ask your traffic lawyer Fairfax VA if you’re not sure if your outfit is appropriate and at what time you should plan to arrive at the courthouse.
2. Do turn your cellphone off
It’s a sign of disrespect for your phone to go off while court is in session. It can put you in a bad light with the judge and can result in temporary confiscation of your phone. Some people will put their phone on vibrate thinking that will suffice. This is not good enough. The vibration can be a distraction in itself, so it’s best to just turn the phone off completely.

1. Don’t argue with the judge
Many people in traffic court don’t think they should be there. However, you are there. You need to be able to tell your side of the incident without being disrespectful or arguing with the judge. Even if it doesn’t feel like he gave you the chance to talk, maintain a good attitude.
2. Don’t pay a fine without talking to a lawyer
If you think you can fight your case, don’t fight it with the judge. Some tickets are pre-payable, but convenience can lead to catastrophe if you do consult an attorney about ramifications beyond the monetary fine. Go to a Fairfax traffic lawyer and fight it the right way. They can tell you if you have a case. If you do, they can tell you how to get the best result.
3. Don’t get in trouble

It’s important not to add additional violations. Stay clean and keep out of trouble. Call Rudolphi law for a Fairfax traffic lawyer.