Tips for Going to Traffic Court

November 8, 2019
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Cases in traffic court can have both long term and short-term consequences, often resulting in automatic DMV demerit points, with some more extreme cases even resulting in the suspension of your driver’s license. If you’ve been caught driving with a previously suspended license, that will up the charge considerably, and many traffic offenses will actually be considered crimes in Virginia, landing you with an offense on your permanent criminal record. In cases such as any of these, a Fairfax traffic lawyer with Rudolphi Law can help.

To help you prepare for your day in traffic court, here are some tips from our traffic attorney Fairfax VA law firm to make the process easier and help you work toward a positive outcome.

Arrive Early

You’ll want to ensure that you arrive to your courtroom early if you’re going to be contesting your ticket. If your name is called and you aren’t in the courtroom, you may be tried in your absence and found guilty. For more serious offenses, a bench warrant for your arrest could even be issued by the judge. If you do arrive late, the judge may be able to hear your case in that day, but he or she also may not. In this situation, your only recourse will be to appeal or attempt to reopen the case.

Make Sure you Go to the Correct Courtroom

While it might seem a bit ridiculous to put this on the list, many people do in fact report to the wrong courtroom, and as we just said, if you’re not where you should be when your name is called out, you can be tried in your absence and found guilty.

Ensure You are Dressed Appropriately

Make sure you are dressed well, i.e. not in your casual day to day clothing, not in your gym clothing, and certainly not in shorts. You need to convey respect to the court, and for the judicial process, and look as if you are taking the whole thing seriously.

Work with an Experienced Traffic Attorney

While you don’t always need a Fairfax traffic lawyer to represent you in court, it can be beneficial, and it becomes more important if the charges are serious. A traffic attorney Fairfax VA firm like Rudolphi Law will work on your behalf to seek a reduction of the penalties or a dismissal of the charges you are facing. If successful, you can avoid consequences like a suspended license.