Speeding: Why It May End Up Being Worse Than You Thought

January 23, 2023
There are many different types of reckless driving, including Reckless Driving by Speed, in Virginia. Knowing some of these laws is important if you're driving in the area, especially in the event that you get involved in such situations. Having an... [Read more]

Under Arrest? What to Do Next

January 9, 2023
"You have the right to remain silent..." Those words are emblazoned in our heads by Hollywood and dozens upon dozens of cop shows, crime movies, and the like. However, the reality of being under arrest is as far from the stereotypical experience as... [Read more]

2023 Guide to DUI Parameters in Virginia

December 5, 2022
The law around DUI in VA is already serious. As the roadways get busier, whether during the holiday season or in the summer months, there is often an increase in drunk driving. The police know to look for this during these times, which is why there tends... [Read more]