Drunk in Public: The Silent Killer of Criminal Offenses

May 9, 2022
There are many people who believe that being drunk in public in Virginia is not a serious crime. They are mistaken in this belief, but they get led to think that in part because it is not something that is punished with jail time. They may feel that they are... [Read more]

Reckless Driving Accident Cases

March 21, 2022
Drivers can help prevent auto accidents by observing and obeying traffic rules and safety laws. However, negligent and irresponsible drivers pose a significant risk on the road, causing many accidents. According to state statute 46.2-852, a person can be... [Read more]

Overview of VA Drug Laws

March 7, 2022
There are different penalties when it comes to drug laws, i.e., illegal controlled substances and controlled substances with no valid prescription. The penalties depend on the type and amount of substance involved and prior criminal history. This is true... [Read more]