Reckless Driving Accident Cases

March 21, 2022
Reckless Driving Accident

Drivers can help prevent auto accidents by observing and obeying traffic rules and safety laws. However, negligent and irresponsible drivers pose a significant risk on the road, causing many accidents. According to state statute 46.2-852, a person can be found guilty of a reckless driving accident if they drive a vehicle in a manner that endangers another person’s life, limb, or property. If you have been charged with Reckless Driving, speak with a Virginia reckless driving lawyer to learn more about your options today.

Reckless Driving Accident Cases

Being in an accident does not automatically mean it is considered reckless driving. According to Virginia state statute 45.2-853, reckless driving can occur when a person driving the vehicle does not have it under proper control. Essentially, reckless driving is extremely dangerous, an act that can cause a major car accident. Reckless driving cases are often the result of driving in a manner that is unsafe for vehicle or road conditions, or unsafe per se. There are 15 forms of reckless driving under Virginia law, but people are most often charged with Reckless Driving Generally or Reckless Driving Failing to Maintain Proper Control in accident cases.

In most cases, reckless driving accidents result from several traffic violations. Not all traffic violations are considered reckless driving but are illegal. Other common causes of reckless driving cases include: 

  • Failure to signal
  • Performing any other distracting activities when driving
  • Making an illegal turn or lane change
  • Failure to yield for pedestrians
  • Illegally passing over double yellow lines
  • Passing a stopped school bus
  • Going around railroad barriers
  • Evading law enforcement

To better understand what is considered reckless driving, speak with a reckless driving lawyer VA. The attorney can help determine the cause of the accident and help get you the compensation you deserve. 

Assessing a Reckless Driving Case

An attorney specializing in representing those accused of reckless driving can help assess a given Reckless Driving case. For example, in accident cases, case law surrounding Reckless Driving Generally (Va Code 46.2-852) states that the mere happening of an accident is not Reckless Driving. Thus, a diligent traffic defense attorney needs to look at the facts surrounding the driving rather than merely the resultant accident.

How an Attorney Can Help

A reckless driving attorney Fairfax VA can help navigate your reckless driving charge. Serious penalties and insurance hikes might be avoidable if you have a qualified attorney in your corner.

In a criminal case for reckless driving, the prosecution must prove all elements of the offense beyond a reasonable doubt. Having a proper plan of attack is critical. This can be done with the help of a VA reckless driving lawyer. We have an experienced reckless driving lawyer Fairfax VA and have helped countless people recover from a recent reckless driving incident. If you have been charged with reckless driving on account of an accident, give Rudolphi Law a call to speak with a Fairfax traffic lawyer.