How Soon Should I Hire a Lawyer for My Virginia DUI Case?  

April 4, 2022

If you’re arrested for driving while under the influence in Fairfax County, Virginia, you may be considering hiring an attorney, since being charged with a DUI can be a very serious offense with potentially serious consequences. However, you may wonder when is the best time to hire a Virginia DUI attorney and if it’s possible for it to be too soon.

When to hire a VA DUI attorney

Hiring a lawyer as soon as possible is important when it comes to being charged with a DUI. First of all, it can take some time to find the right lawyer when you’re seeking a Fairfax DUI attorney, as you don’t want to go with one choice without conducting some research first. You should opt for an attorney who has ample experience representing individuals in DUI cases, one who has a positive reputation, and one who has a proven track record. The Fairfax County DUI Lawyer at Rudolphi Law meets all these criteria and more.

Why Rudolphi Law?

Attorney Andrew Rudolphi at Rudolphi Law has been practicing for years, and he has a great deal of experience helping clients just like you to receive the most lenient sentences possible in their cases. Of course, there is never a guarantee, even with a proven attorney like that from Rudolphi Law, but Rudolphi Law will go above and beyond as well as fight aggressively for you. You may be able to find another Fairfax DUI lawyer, but no other attorney in the county, or even the state of Virginia, will fight for you like Rudolphi law, even if it’s not your first DUI.

How can the right VA DUI lawyer help you?

The right Fairfax DUI attorney can help you in many ways. Not only can the right lawyer provide you with proper counsel and direct you on how to respond while in court, but your DUI attorney will fight for you to keep your driving privileges, pay the lowest fines possible and possibly prevent you from spending time in jail. Depending on how many offenses you’ve had in the past, you could spend a considerable amount of time incarcerates, pay significant fine, and you could even have your license suspended for long periods of time or lose your driving privileges indefinitely. However, with the ultimate lawyer by your side, you will be armed to obtain the best possible outcome.

Instead of spending time in jail, your Virginia DUI attorney may be able to get the prosecutor and judge to agree to suspend jail time on account of the legal issues or mitigating circumstances in your case. Some such issues include reasonable suspicion for a stop, probable cause for arrest, proof of substance abuse intervention or counseling, etc.

What if the retainer fee for an attorney is more than I can afford?

If you are unable to afford a DUI attorney to represent you in your case, then you have the right to representation by a court-appointed attorney. You definitely don’t want to attempt to represent yourself, because even though you might feel confident that you can fight for the most lenient sentence possible, you don’t have the legal knowledge that an attorney does. Nevertheless, most people seem to want to hire their own attorneys so that they can exercise their choice of capable counsel, especially for something as complex as a DUI charge Fairfax Virginia.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with a DUI, you need to find adequate counsel as soon as possible. Rudolphi Law is a great choice, because they are aggressive and knowledgeable, and they’ve represented many others who were in the same position as you and they had very positive outcomes. So, allow them  to assist you with having a positive outcome too.