How Long Does a DUI Stay On My Record?

November 21, 2020

Driving while under the influence is not only detrimental to your immediate safety, but it can be devastating to your life as a whole. Because of the seriousness of the offense, being charged with driving under the influence (DUI) is something that can follow you for the rest of your life. If you are wanting to know how long a DUI stays on your record and more, keep on reading.

Penalties for Getting a DUI

While it depends on a number of factors, the consequences for getting a DUI can be a fine or even active jail time. If you’re driving under the influence and stopped by the police, you will more than likely be arrested and have your car impounded. If you are hoping to either beat the charge or have the penalties reduced in some way, then your best bet is to call a DUI lawyer Fairfax County or DUI lawyer Arlington County at Rudolphi Law.

Your DUI Resulted in an Accident

If you were involved in a car accident while driving under the influence, you might face more serious penalties. A DUI attorney Fairfax County or DUI attorney Arlington County at Rudolphi Law can help you navigate this serious situation and try to reduce your charges down to reckless driving and have the DUI arrest taken off of your record.

How a DUI Affects Your Life

Getting a DUI in Virginia is nothing to sneeze at as it can stay on your driving record for as long as 11 years. Additionally, the DUI arrest stays on your official criminal record check indefinitely. The only way to have a DUI arrest removed from these records is by getting an acquittal, a charge reduction, or having the charges dropped. Talk with a DUI attorney Fairfax County or DUI attorney Arlington County at Rudolphi Law to see if they can help you get this charge removed.

Increased Insurance Rates

Not only are there criminal consequences to driving under the influence, but there are financial consequences as well. Car insurance is something that you cannot avoid paying; however, with a DUI on your record, your rates could be through the roof. This is one of the reasons you should consult with Fairfax County DUI lawyers and Arlington County DUI lawyers at Rudolphi Law, and have the charge removed.

Special Auto Insurance for DUI

If you have a DUI conviction, you will more than likely be required to obtain FR-44 coverage for a certain number of years. This type of coverage is specifically for high-risk drivers and can be quite expensive. An experienced DUI lawyer Fairfax County or DUI lawyer Loudon County at Rudolphi Law can help you avoid paying these high premiums by getting your charge reduced.

Choosing a DUI Attorney

The best attorney to help you fight your DUI charge is one who has experience and has expertise in this field. If you want to know how you can have your DUI charges reduced or dropped, experienced attorneys, such as Rudolphi Law, can determine the best course of action for your particular case. Remember, a DUI charge is something that typically stays on your criminal record indefinitely; therefore, it can affect your ability to get a job, an apartment, and more. Because DUI charges must either be dismissed, reduced to a lesser charge, or you are acquitted in order to be removed from your record, having your DUI record expunged can be next to impossible without an attorney.