Felony Habitual Petit Larceny

December 5, 2019

Have you been charged with petit larceny or a crime otherwise punishable as larceny? If so, it’s important to know that sound legal representation in
criminal cases is very necessary. If you’re worried about the outcome of
your case, a Fairfax criminal attorney can help. We can explain what the likely outcome will be once you go to court. Furthermore, they can represent you to get a lesser penalty on your behalf. At Rudolphi Law, our professionals are well-versed in criminal law in the state of Virginia and will work in your defense.

Petit Larceny And Its Consequences
In petit larceny cases – situations where goods or services valued at $500
or less are stolen – the consequence can be a fine of up to $2,500, or up
to 12 months in jail. Virginia law says that for a second offense, jail
time of one month to a year is the consequence. If you incur two
convictions for petit larceny or a combination of petit larceny and another
crime that is punishable as larceny, a third offense is elevated to a Class
6 felony, punishable by up to 5 years in prison.

If you have reached this point, you need a Fairfax criminal attorney. They can use the information they know about the law, along with your personal details, to show why you shouldn’t be punished as harshly. It is best to let an attorney speak on your behalf to negotiate an agreement with the prosecutor or to convince the judge or jury why they should rule in your favor.

At Rudolphi Law, we understand the need for efficient criminal defense and want to help you. We will present all of the necessary information in court as we strive for the best possible result. Contact our office for a
consultation to learn more.