DUI Cases Involving a Vehicular Accident

July 19, 2021
car accidents

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Being arrested for a suspected DUI is an extremely serious situation. When there is an accident involved, the situation can become significantly aggravated. If there is a serious injury or death involved the charges will continue to stack up. In Virginia, you need the best lawyer in the area. Rudolphi Law ranks as a top criminal defense attorney Fairfax VA area.

Police Have the Burden of Proof:

The police have to follow certain procedures down to the letter. Here are some of the rules they must follow

  • The police officer must have a valid reason to make a DUI stop.
  • If the officer wasn’t on the scene, he needs to establish who was driving the vehicle.
  • The officer will then look for signs of impairment such as the smell of alcohol, glazed eyes, and slurred speech.
  • The police officer must also establish that the driving time is within three hours of the arrest.
  • The police officer needs to confirm that the driver didn’t consume alcohol after the accident as this can alter the test results.
  • The officer needs to ensure that all testing equipment is properly calibrated and in perfect working order.
  • The officer may check the car for open bottles of alcohol or other illegal substances.
  • The police officer needs to correctly conduct sobriety tests, which are totally voluntary.
  • The police officer is responsible for  getting the driver in the police car and getting the violator to the police station in a safe and timely manner.
  • If the police officer is able to establish probable cause to arrest, he may arrest a DUI suspect. This is the time to find a criminal defense lawyer Fairfax VA to make sure that all your rights are protected and you receive the best possible outcome. No one should ever face a DUI charge without proper representation.

DUI Accidents and Penalties in Virginia:

An accident is a major aggravating factor to any DUI case. This applies to negotiations with the prosecution and potential penalties imposed by a judge, as well as civil liability in the event someone was injured. This is why finding a Fairfax DUI lawyer is crucial in fighting a DUI or DWI case.

Protect Your Rights With a Virginia Criminal Defense Attorney:

Those in Fairfax and the surrounding areas should contact Rudolphi Law, a top criminal lawyer Fairfax VA. They are experts in DUI and DWI and will investigate the accident and DUI charges and find the best solution to the charges.

Finding a defense attorney Fairfax VA area is critical because they are familiar with the local laws in the area. Those facing a DUI charge need to take this scenario very seriously.

Do not entrust your future with just anyone. Finding the best defense lawyer Fairfax VA is your primary job and not to be taken lightly. Contact the top Fairfax County DUI Lawyer at Rudolphi Law by calling 703-596-9566.