Drunk in Public: The Silent Killer of Criminal Offenses

May 9, 2022

There are many people who believe that being drunk in public in Virginia is not a serious crime. They are mistaken in this belief, but they get led to think that in part because it is not something that is punished with jail time. They may feel that they are getting away with something when they are in Virginia and are drunk in public because of this. However, a Virginia criminal defense attorney will always advise his or her clients that the reality of the situation is such that it is extremely dangerous to be drunk in public in Virginia even if you are not immediately hauled off to jail.

Drunk In Public Charge

A charge of being drunk in public can be filed if a person is under the influence of drugs or alcohol and they are out in a public area in Virginia. They may need to hire a Fairfax criminal attorney if they end up in this situation. It is considered a Class 4 misdemeanor in Virginia. While your criminal lawyer Fairfax VA will tell you that you cannot be sent to prison for this offense, they will also remind you that you can be held in jail until sober. This is permitted under Virginia law, and it is something that you need to watch out for. As with any criminal case, this part is only the beginning. That is why you need to call a criminal defense attorney Fairfax VA as soon as you are released to discuss your options.

Will You Have to Go to Court?

Drunk in Public is a unique criminal offense that a criminal defense attorney Fairfax VA can further explain. Specifically, the charge is prepayable similar to how many traffic tickets are treated. Here is where this charge poses its most serious threat to the individual and where you need a good Virginia criminal defense lawyer. That is because no one advises you that prepaying the charge is an admission of guilt and will result in a criminal conviction on your record. However, this blemish can sometimes be avoided, but only if you do not prepay the citation and hire capable counsel like Rudolphi Law.

A criminal defense lawyer Fairfax VA will be able to analyze the circumstances around your charge and provide you with directions on how to best posture your case in an effort to avoid a criminal conviction on your record. Sometimes there are legal issues in such cases, encouraging the option of taking the case to trial and allowing for the case to be dismissed. Contact us to see how Rudolphi Law can go about assisting you with your case.

Do not be tempted to take the easier path if you are charged with Drunk in Public. Prepaying the charge has only one truly relevant certainty: a conviction. By contacting Rudolphi Law, you afford yourself a fighting chance against this. No one should have to suffer a mark on their record for a singular instance of misjudgment like appearing Drunk in Public. Let us help you avoid the hidden dangers of this charge today.