Drunk in Public: Intoxication Laws

January 10, 2020
drunk in the public

If you make the decision to drink in public or drink and then go out in a public setting in Virginia, then you could be arrested and charged with a misdemeanor. Public Intoxication or Drunk in Public means that you have consumed enough alcohol or drugs (or a combination of the two) to appear intoxicated, or made the decision to use profanity, in a public setting. Even though the consequences of a misdemeanor aren’t as severe as those associated with a felony, you could still have to pay a fine. More importantly, the details of the charges are also listed on your criminal record, which could make it difficult to find work in the future. If you’re charged with Public Intoxication, it’s often best to consult with an attorney who can represent you and possibly have your charges mitigated or dismissed. A Fairfax criminal attorney at the office of Rudolphi Law, is an option to consider, especially if you aren’t sure of how the court system works and the rights that you have.

After being charged with Public Intoxication in Virginia, you have the option to pay the fines associated with the charge online. However, this will result in a guilty plea as you are paying the fines incurred instead of fighting against the charges. An attorney can advise you as to when you might want to go ahead and pay the fines or if you should go to court and try to get the charges reduced or dismissed so that the charges don’t follow you in the future. Sometimes, an attorney can talk to the prosecutor to work out a plea agreement that can avoid a criminal conviction on your record.

If you have been charged with Drunk in Public or Public Intoxication, then contact our criminal defense attorney Fairfax VA for more information about how your rights can be defended in court.