Criminal Law Basics

October 28, 2019
person being handcuffed by the police

There are few things in life more frightening and humiliating than being charged with a criminal offense. Those convicted of crimes face the loss of their reputations, their families, their personal freedom and, in such states as Virginia, even their lives. Fortunately, defendants can find the assistance they need from a Fairfax criminal attorney at Rudolphi Law.

The Basics of Criminal LawA criminal statute is a law that has been enacted by a local, state, or federal government entity. These laws will define a particular offense,which may range from public intoxication to bank robbery, and will also prescribe the punishment, which may include fines or periods of incarceration. It is important that those charged with crimes understand what they may face if convicted and their legal options. Our criminal defense attorney can provide this type of advice.

Understanding the Criminal ProcessThis process begins with the arrest of a criminal defendant and, in the event of a conviction, will end with the formal sentencing. It will involve the police officers, prosecuting attorneys, and judges who handle criminal cases. Constitutional rights, which include the protection of defendants from self-incrimination, are equally important and have to be respected throughout this process. Andrew Rudolphi will work to protect the rights of his clients.

The Outcome of a Criminal CaseSome suspected cases may end without even an arrest, although others may end with a conviction or acquittal. Many cases end in plea bargains, which allow defendants to avoid trials and receive lesser penalties. Others may be dismissed due to procedural errors by law enforcement personnel. The complexities of the justice system require intervention by a Fairfax criminal attorney. This is reason enough for those charged with crimes to turn to the services available at Rudolphi Law.