Complications of a Petit Larceny Conviction

September 5, 2022
misdemeanor title on legal documents

Being charged with misdemeanor larceny, or petit larceny, may seem like an innocent charge, but its consequences can wreak havoc on your life. It could lead to issues putting you at a major disadvantage in life with a damaged record, especially as an immigrant.

Luckily, Rudolphi Law in Tysons, Virginia has a petit larceny lawyer who can passionately help people facing a charge of petit larceny. 

So what are the things you need to know if you ever get involved in petit larceny, and how can an attorney help you deal with your case? Keep scrolling.

Crime of Moral Turpitude

Crimes of moral turpitude can be misdemeanor or felony charges based on the facts of each case. These crimes can involve stealing, cheating, or lying.

This category of a criminal offense can make a non-citizen deportable. These individuals can also get barred from admission or relief based on several factors.

Petit larceny is considered a crime of moral turpitude because it involves theft and deception. Likewise, it can have tremendous effects on non-citizens. 

Moreover, a conviction for a crime of moral turpitude renders a person impeachable if they ever need to testify under oath. In other words, the conviction can bring their truthfulness into question if they were in a circumstance requiring them to testify.

Petit Larceny Statute in VA

The Virginia Code 18.2-96 defines petit larceny as:

Any person who commits larceny by taking money or something of less than $5 in value from someone else, or

Anyone who commits simple larceny by taking goods and assets (not from an individual) of less than $1,000 in value shall get a larceny sentence.

Class 1 Misdemeanor:  Petit Larceny Conviction 

The most serious misdemeanors in Virginia are Class 1 misdemeanors. These charges are punishable by up to 12 months in jail and a fine of up to $2,500. 

Petit larceny is a Class 1 misdemeanor offense.  If you need a petit larceny lawyer, Virginia attorney Andrew Rudolphi can help. 

A charge of larceny Virginia means taking items of value belonging to someone else with the intent to deprive them without the owner’s consent permanently. 

If you received a conviction for stealing a candy bar from your local convenience store in Virginia, it is larceny and will remain on your record forever. While regarded as a minor offense, it will have significant consequences for your future, even if there is no jail time.

Petit Larceny Attorney Defense

The petit larceny attorney in Virginia of the Rudolphi Law can help prepare you for your case with aims at achieving the most favorable outcome. They will also look to possible issues in your petit larceny case.

A petit larceny lawyer can also assist you with a possible expungement if the end result is eligible under Virginia law. Both misdemeanor and felony larceny charges are harmful enough that expungement is important if the case is eligible. Do not allow a mistake or a lapse in judgment to affect your future. Contact the firm of Rudolphi Law today.