Beating a Virginia Traffic Ticket

June 5, 2020
traffic ticket

Nearly everyone has been pulled over and issued a traffic ticket. In some situations, the police officer lacked sufficient evidence to issue the ticket. Because traffic tickets can result in fines, increased insurance rates and otherwise damage your driving record, you should consider contesting the ticket. The Fairfax VA traffic lawyers from Rudolphi Law can help you challenge a traffic ticket.

How can you beat a traffic ticket?
If you are issued a traffic ticket, you have a legal right to challenge the offense charged. If you choose to challenge the ticket, then the burden is on the Commonwealth to present sufficient evidence to support the charge. In some situations, the police officer will fail to show up or otherwise present sufficient evidence to support the charge. When this occurs, you can be acquitted of the ticket.

Some traffic tickets may be dismissed or reduced to a lesser offense through negotiation. Experienced attorneys will know different methods to use to try and negotiate a resolution without needing to go to court.  

What are some reasons to challenge a traffic ticket?
There may be a variety of reasons to challenge a traffic ticket. This may include:

  • Avoiding demerit points on your driving record
  • Possibility of increased insurance rates
  • Errors in the citation
  • Lack of evidence 
  • Violations of your constitutional rights
  • Defenses or legal justifications for your driving behavior

How can an attorney help?
Fairfax VA traffic lawyers can review your case and assess whether there are defenses available. We can also provide you with strategies and measures to take that will help in negotiating a reduction or dismissal. An attorney will represent you in the process and advocate for you to receive a fair result. For assistance in challenging traffic tickets and learning more about your options, contact Rudolphi Law.