Assault & Battery Charges Explained

April 17, 2020
assaulty and battery

Two of the most common criminal offenses in Virginia are assault and battery. If you are facing these types of charges, it is important to understand what they mean. Also, it is essential to comprehend the benefits of being represented by an experienced firm like Rudolphi Law.

Difference Between Assault and Battery

Although people believe that assault and battery are the same, there are definite differences between the two items. Battery is defined as “offensive or harmful contact.” To be found guilty, a person must intentionally make contact with a victim and bring intent to cause offense or harm. The legal definition of assault is “an intention to act in a way that creates apprehension in another individual by harmful or offensive contact.” In other words, assault is the attempt by the perpetrator to cause harm or fear by the victim that they may be harmed. In contrast, battery is the act of causing the harm or unwanted offensive contact.

Various Assault and Battery Virginia Statutes

Virginia has a number of statutes in place that address assault and battery.

Code section 18.2-57 states that a person who commits an assault or battery is guilty of a Class 1 Misdemeanor.

Code section 18.2-57(A) deals with hate crimes that include attacks based on religion, race, or ethnic background.

Code section 18.2-57(C) covers assault and battery against working law enforcement.

Code sections 18.2-57(D) and 18.2-57(E) cover assault and battery against teachers and healthcare professionals.

Code section 18.2-57.2 discusses assault and battery against family members.

Code section 18.2-51 et seq. discuss Virginia’s felonious assault and battery charges called “malicious wounding” and “unlawful wounding.”

All are reasons to Hire An Experienced Fairfax VA Criminal Defense Attorney.

When you are facing assault and battery charges, it is vital to work with trusted a Fairfax VA criminal defense attorney who understand the best way to fight for your rights. If you are found guilty, you may face expensive fines and jail time. Instead of dealing with all of the stress alone and risking harsh penalties, the team at Rudolphi Law is there to help. We understand the state’s laws and work hard for our clients. We will investigate your case and will form a solid defense. For an appointment, call us today.