Arrested for a Drug Crime? Why You Need an Attorney

June 21, 2021
drug crime

Depending on the crime or the surrounding factors, the effects of a drug crime conviction can be extensive. Simple possession of controlled substances might leave you with a criminal record that will follow you for decades. Besides the costly fines, you may face significant time in prison depending on the nature and specifics of your charges. In fact, mandatory minimum sentencing applies to drug crime convictions in some cases. In other words, if you are convicted of certain drug crimes, you can face a prison sentence in a preset amount of time. If you’re facing any drug crime -including drug distribution, trafficking, or possession in Fairfax, Virginia, it’s in your best interest to take immediate legal action by securing a criminal defense attorney in Fairfax, VA.

Drug and Controlled Substance Crimes in Fairfax, VA

Drug Possession, distribution, trafficking, and transportation

Drug possession charges call for a wide range of penalties, which is why you need the help of a reputable criminal defense attorney Fairfax VA. Those convicted of a  drug crime face serious consequences. Possession of Schedule I drugs (e.g. ecstasy and heroin) or schedule II drugs (e.g. cocaine and methamphetamine) is considered a felony and calls for a sentence of up to 10 years. Distribution or sale of these drugs calls for an even harsher penalty of 5 to 40 years in prison for a first offense!

With a qualified Fairfax criminal attorney, you’ll be able to examine your case from different angles to determine areas that can get the case thrown out or jail time reduced. Some of the areas that may be examined include the following:

  • Was everything done right by the officer while making the arrest?
  • Did the suspect actually possess the drug?
  • If not, where were the drugs located when the arrest was being made?
  • If the drugs were not on you, did the officers assume you knew they were near you?
  • Is there proof that the substances were truly illegal?
  • What was the probable cause that made the officers make the arrest?

Federal drug charges

Federal drug offenses often carry some of the most severe penalties. Such crimes require that you contact an experienced criminal lawyer Fairfax VA with exceptional and attentive legal counsel as well as excellent problem-solving skills. 

Federal drug offenses require the presentation of clear evidence by the prosecutors in the courtroom. If found guilty, the federal judge will use several factors to determine the sentence. The factors include the type of drugs involved, location of the alleged offense, if a weapon was involved, if anyone was injured, the amount of substance, and if the defendant has any criminal record.

In the efforts to secure the most favorable outcome for the defendant, the attorney will investigate the case from top to bottom. The lawyer will always be prepared to try to counter all the arguments levied by the prosecutors in their pursuit of a conviction. As an essential defense tool, the attorney always stays one step ahead of the case, which is key to your success. The lawyer then uses aggressive and unrelenting defense combined with extensive research to ensure that your rights are protected, and you are given sufficient attention when your court days come.

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If you are facing drug charges you should get a Virginia criminal defense attorney who understands his work well and is able to give you the best assistance possible. A good criminal defense attorney Fairfax VA will ensure that the prosecutor submits enough evidence and that the officers complied with all the legal requirements when carrying out the arrest. At Rudolphi Law, we are your trusted Virginia criminal defense attorney. We provide an effective and experienced criminal defense for drug-related charges to clients throughout Fairfax and surrounding areas. If you have been arrested or think you are going to be arrested for a drug offense, call us at 703-596-9566 immediately.