The best lawyer in my life

September 29, 2017

I was arrested with DWI and Reckless speeding on april 2017. Obviously, both of these case are class1 misdemeanor. My manager recommend J Boneta and associates office to me that was the first time I met Andrew.

He was really confidence and willing to investigate evey detail of my case. According to my BAC was quite low (0.085), he suggested with no doubt to do everything to drop down my case from DWI. As of it was my 1st offense ever, i had no idea for any consequences that i’ll obtain. He set the goal of result for me. He said he was trying to drop DWI to Reckless driving and also drop Reckless speeding to just speeding ticket. His dedication was exceptional. He reviewed every detail include police VDO clip report many times until late night prior to court date for the best outcome.

Finally at the court, i was really scared and nervous because as shown in the clip that i had done really bad in the field sobriety test. But ton of thanks to his attempted, my case was dropped from DWI to Reckless driving and Reckless speeding to just the speeding ticket as exactly the same as his goal set. I’m more than happy with the outcome indeed and 100% recommend Andrew Rudolphi.