The best DUI and DWI Lawyer and Even a Better Person!

June 30, 2016

I made a horrible mistake of drinking and driving after going to a Christmas dinner on December 21, 2015. I was initially pulled over for speeding, but after cop smelled alcohol and conducted the field sobriety test. I was booked soon thereafter and charged with DUI in Fairfax County with a BAC of 0.10 and 0.11. I was miserable because I had gotten arrested 5 years ago in Arlington County for DUI, but since I only blew 0.05 BAC they gave me a nolle prosequi and amended the charge to a Reckless Driving. I vowed to then never drink and drive ever again. Five years later, here I am getting arrested again with the same offense. I knew I was in trouble and hated myself for it.
John was referred to me by a cop in Arlington County, ironically enough. After meeting John and Andrew; the latter attorney is one of his associates at the firm, my initial impression of them were mostly positive. I was impressed with Andrew’s attention to detail and his methodical approach towards strengthening my case. John was a former cop and prosecutor, so I was confident he has the expertise to get the best possible outcome. But I still wasn’t 100% sure they will fight for me all the way. After consulting a few DUI attorneys, I concluded John and Andrew were the best team and retained them as my counsels.
After retaining them I made some lifestyle changes and committed to being a good citizen. They advised I be patient during the waiting period, but having a DUI charge lingering over your head made it very challenging. During this time period, John assured me that he was the best DUI lawyer and would do everything in his power to get a favorable outcome and this provided peace and comfort. They advised I start on their mitigation package, which I completed before my court date, but I still didn’t know what was going to happen. The Prosecutor assigned was Fairfax County’s best DUI prosecutor and would not offer a plea deal at all, so my case got continued 3 times. I, unfortunately, ended up getting the same prosecutor again. So we went to trial and the rest is history.
John was exceptional once the case went to trial. His opening statement was brilliant, and this really set the tone for the entirety of the trial. I felt like John was a surgeon, knowing the ins and outs about legal elements to suppress and discredit the arresting officer’s testimony. John continued to tear apart officer’s testimony and his report, given that the arrest video contradicted officer’s claims. John fought tooth and nails with the prosecutor about every evidence presented and discredited them. It almost felt the jostling between John and the prosecutor was a heavy weight title fight, but John was clearly the better attorney in that court room. To put it simply, John was more eloquent, detailed oriented, and delivered objections which led him to controlling the momentum of the trial. As the trial progressed, I felt good about my chances but still wasn’t sure how things would pan out. When the judge read the verdict and stated that Prosecutor did not prove beyond reasonable doubt and dismissed my case, I started crying. I was so elated and hugged John and Andrew. John and Andrew, I want to thank you for your exceptional work. You guys make an exceptional team. John is truly a brilliant trial lawyer and even a better person. I am truly blessed they both were my attorneys. I will give John and Andrew my highest recommendations!