sharp attorney

January 16, 2020
Let’s face it, when it comes to the law and lawyers, many of us cringe. Our lack of experience when combined with a complex, foreign environment, keeps many of us up at night. But then there is Andrew. From first contact (we were referred to him by a prominent attorney who did not practice this type of law) he set our minds at ease exuding a sense of confidence. He then laid out our strategy, next steps, and a gave us a transparent cost analysis. As an experienced, sharp attorney, Andrew is wise to have cultivated the right contacts thus enabling him to employ the most effective avenues of approach. You can sense that Andrew cherishes winning, a valuable trait when representing a client. He demonstrated a constant creative approach further enhancing the odds of a positive outcome for his clients. Hopefully you’ll never need an attorney but if you do, I recommended Andrew Rudolphi without hesitation.