Rising Star

June 18, 2015

On a night of partying in college, I was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana by the George Mason police department. I fell into depression thinking that I had no defense and would be fired from my job and unemployable in the future. On a whim, I was directed over to Mr. Rudolphi’s office where he was able to coax me down and review my case. He assured me that all was not lost and gave me a set of instructions for how to prepare. I followed the instructions to the best of my ability and Mr. Rudolphi helped me to the best of his. He advised me to pass the plea deals on my first appearance (none of my friend’s lawyers did and they took the fall). On my second appearance, he was able to get the prosecutor to drop the charges! I’m still stunned. He is a fantastic lawyer. He is honest, hard-working (willing to put in the extra work for best results), and a rising star in the field. Could not give higher praises about him.