Positive, professional and motivated

October 19, 2016

I found Andrew Rudolphi and John A. Boneta & Associates while struggling to obtain a protective order from a person who was stalking, harassing and threatening me. I was overwhelmed with the situation and found the process of navigating the court system intimidating. From my first meeting with Andrew and John, I felt that I was understood and they would do everything possible to help me obtain a protective order and feel safe. Andrew made time to speak with me and helped me understand the process. This was not an easy case, the person harassing me was very careful and there was not a lot of direct evidence. Andrew developed a detailed strategy putting together my evidence, witnesses and supporting material to create a case that could not be denied. Andrew was brilliant with his cross examination of the respondent and left no doubt that he was guilty and I deserved the order of protection. I would highly recommend Andrew, he is professional and dedicated to achieving a positive outcome.