Outstanding Attorney

December 5, 2017

A couple months back I was arrested for DWI in Fairfax County. Since we had no idea how to proceed or what to do we decided to seek legal help. Andrew was one of the first persons to respond to our request for representation. We were very impressed by his thoroughness and professionalism and hired him shortly after. Because of his excellent guidance we went through the process of having to go to court multiple times as he recommended, to continue the trial on later dates. At the 3rd and final court date, Andrew tried his best to get a plea deal but the prosecutor was unwilling to make a friendly bargain. So we took the case to trial. This is where Andrew’s expertise and skills shone through. I say this because Andrew completely turned around what could have been an absolutely unfavorable case to getting the judge to dismiss the case and letting me go free.
Throughout the entire time Andrew was always explaining best case worst case scenario. He was always preparing us for the next steps and made sure we were well prepared going to court.
He was always ready to go and fight my case.
Be smart – hire this man.