Look no further

October 17, 2017

When you go to court, even with a competent lawyer, there is never a guarantee for a favorable outcome due to the possibility of difficult prosecutors and/or judges. However, this was not an issue for Mr. Rudolphi. When I hired Mr. Rudolphi, I was met with the utmost professionalism. He would respond to my emails right away and did a great job preparing for my case.

During my case, the prosecutor wanted to fully convict me for my DWI 1st offense. However, Mr. Rudolphi and Mr. Boneta fought for me with absolute resilience and tenacity. They provided points/arguments that challenged the prosecutor and cops statements, from angles that I would not have thought of. In addition, Mr. Rudolphi displayed confidence and competence that I do not see from other lawyers. Long story short, my case was dismissed. Mr. Rudolphi is a very polite and respectable individual that will fight for you till the end. If you are ever in a situation, he is the man to hire.