If you’re looking for a lawyer who will relentlessly support you + fight for you, Andrew is your guy.

April 8, 2017

My brother’s friend referred me to John A. Boneta & Associates, and that’s when I came in contact with Andrew.

Most people say you should never go with the first option you find, that you should always get a second opinion, but I knew from the first meeting with Andrew that he was the one I wanted to represent me in court. And I made the right decision!

Not only is he intelligent, well versed, thorough, and has high ratings online, but he is also supportive, nonjudgmental, patient, witty, personable, and unshakable.
And those are all qualities I want in a lawyer.

I was being charged with a DWUI: 1st offense.
Since it was my first offense, he said he could easily get the charge dropped down to a reckless driving charge, and that’s a compromise most people would want to take.
But I told him I wanted the charges dropped altogether. His response was that it’s not as easy of a guarantee as the former option but he was confident and ready to fight for it.

This whole experience was entirely new to me and insanely overwhelming. I had never been to court before, never gone to trial before, and I understood close to none of the legal jargon.
So, I’m INCREDIBLY thankful for Andrew. He patiently sat with me in the same courtroom for 7 hours, answering ALL of my questions and kept me from falling apart.

When we finally went to trial, that lasted for 2 hours.
It was 2 hours of intense back-and-forth arguments that truly showcased Andrew’s professionalism and tenacity.

3/4 of the way through the trial, I literally shed a tear because I thought there was no way I could realistically get the charges dropped altogether. There was an argument he kept trying to get across that kept getting overruled by the judge.
But, no, this amazing, resilient man would not go down without a fight. Andrew argued from various angles, kept pushing, and eventually got his point across and won.

I left the courthouse free of a DWI charge and I felt like I could finally breathe again! That feeling is priceless.

In his own words, “Never give up until the fight is done.”

Andrew Rudolphi is the best.
You’d be a fool to not hire him.