Hired DUI lawyer

February 8, 2018

Couple of months ago, I made the wrong decision and chose to drive home from a weekday concert and got pulled over. I was arrested in Fairfax County and charged with a DWI 1st offense with a BAC 0.10. I talked to a 15+ lawyers before ultimately deciding between Mr. Rudolphi and another lawyer, and eventually choosing Mr. Rudolphi and his law firm.

I was really hoping for a dismissal or not guilty verdict, but Mr. Rudolphi was honest and advised me that I didn’t perform that great on the FSTs and that the arresting officer was a part of a DUI Taskforce, so he had his ducks in a row. At my first court date, the prosecutor wanted to give me a BS deal that included jail time and a pretty high fine in my opinion. I only knew this because I obsessively looked over months of court dockets before my court date and had a general idea of what kind of deals they were handing out. Despite Mr. Rudolphi’s partner pressuring me to take the deal, I ultimately declined and continued my court date and I’m glad I did.

Every DUI/DWI case is different and the outcome is not guaranteed to be the same. Although I did poorly on the tests, I was lucky enough that I was polite to the officer during our interaction, so he had no objections to working on some kind of deal. On my second court date, Mr. Rudolphi was able to get the prosecutor to reduce my DWI to a reckless, which is still a misdemeanor, but I guess it doesn’t hold the same stigma of a DUI. This still came a fine, suspended/restricted license, and VASAP classes and counseling. But no jail time and no interlock. It also makes you eligible for an expungement of your DUI arrest, which I plan to do since I don’t want this lapse of judgement to hurt my future career and life.

Throughout the whole process, I mostly contacted Mr. Rudolphi via text and he always responded either immediately or within a timely manner. My anxiety skyrocketed during this time and he answered every question I had. Although I personally did not care for John or Lauren, I would recommend Mr. Rudolphi if you find yourself in a similar situation as mine. He will help you move on with your life. Thanks Andrew.