gladiator in a suit

December 10, 2014

I would like to start out by, saying thank you so much to Andrew for his time, hard work and dedication. When I went in for a consultation, Andrew and his staff were really welcoming. I sat down in his office and Andrew asked me to explain my situation. (This was after I had already met a few lawyers that did not even seem interested in hearing my case). Andrew really took the time to listen to me and he paid very close attention to all the details of my situation.

He told me what I had to do and get done to be presentable in front of the judge when the court day came. When the court date came, the prosecutor refused to lower my charge. Andrew and his team refused to accept. So he continued my case. With confidence, he stated he would not give up. However, he did tell me it was going to be tough but he will fight and take it to circuit court if he had to. He a true gladiator in a suit. Before the second hearing, Andrew had called me telling me he tried to make a 2nd offer with the prosecutor. But he never got an answer back. He assured me if things do not go the way we planned, he would not give up. His exact words were “we would go down fighting”. When the court day came, it seemed impossible to get a deal. It’s was a pretty intense waiting game. After several hours later, Andrew had walked to me and asked Who is the best lawyer you know?” I told him: YOU! The deal he was able to get:

My 1st DUI charge got dropped to a wreckless!
No jail time, no interlock, no probation, no community service,
and six months restricted license.

There are not enough words to express how greateful I am to Andrew and the firm! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!