May 19, 2015

I was arrested for DWI leaving a concert at Jiffy Lube Live. While most of the evidence should have found me guilty, I was able to get off free and clear with Mr. Rudolphi. Although my court cases were continued three times (part of the strategy), I am so glad that I chose the lawyer that I did. Each time we met, Mr. Rudolphi was one of the only lawyers that would show up with stacks of paperwork showing he had done his research on my particular case. None of the other lawyers seemed as prepared as he was. In writing an honest review there were times I began to doubt Mr. Rudolphi’s “plan of attack”. There are many factors that go into a court case and many of them have to do with getting the right judge, and the right prosecutor. However, when it was my time to go to trial Mr. Rudolphi handled the courtroom with expertise! My wife and I were truly impressed with his poise, and would highly recommend him if you find yourself in an unfortunate situation. I still can’t believe that I got off without any punishment.