Couldn’t have found a better attorney!

June 19, 2014

I was charged with a DUI in December 2013. After meeting with several lawyers to see who would be best to represent me, I was getting discouraged because I didn’t feel confident with anyone I’ve met. I then met Andrew Rudolphi and immediately I felt at ease from the first handshake. He was very customer service oriented and very understanding. Even before I made my initial payment, he did a lot of hw on my case and showed me that he was going to go the extra mile to get the absolute best results that he could. After several court dates due to my case being continued for weather and other circumstances, I was starting to get discouraged and frustrated again. Andrew remained patient and still very communicative and encouraging throughout the entire time. Finally, we started my trial in June 2014. Andrew was amazing in court and was very impressive with his cross examination. We won my case and all my charges were dismissed. Thank you Andrew for going the extra mile!!!!