Andrew is an outstanding attorney

February 19, 2016

I cannot say enough about Andrew and Boneta & Associates. I was charged with a reckless driving going over 30mph of the speed limit, which was pretty serious considering it was over 30 in VA, and more specifically the very strict Fairfax County. I was recommended to Andrew and John by a friend and within one day they both gave me a free consultation and confidently explained the process and the steps I needed to take and assured me they would go to bat for me until the desired outcome had been achieved. I could not believe how calm they’d made me feel prior to the court date. I had originally thought John would represent me, and so I was a bit alarmed to see Andrew without John on the morning of my trial date. I should not have been. Within an hour and a half, Andrew had achieved the best possible outcome for me without me ever stepping inside of a courtroom, and did so with the utmost professionalism and expertise and more importantly really made me feel like he was really looking out for me, not just a client . I do not plan to be in this position again, but if I am, I will be coming right to Andrew. Him and John are worth every penny.