Andrew is an amazing attorney!

May 22, 2023
Andrew is an amazing attorney! I’ve worked in the legal system for the past 15+ years in federal, state, and local capacities, and Andrew by FAR is one of the most passionate, attentive, and experienced attorneys in both state and constitutional law I’ve ever had the pleasure of witnessing in action. I retained him for a family member and was so glad I did. So please, let me save you some research: I have met plenty of good attorneys throughout my career, both prosecutors and defense, but what sets Andrew a part from his peers is his command and knowledge of specific violations, case law (he does his homework), and his relentless unflappability (he’ll try and exhaust every possible avenue to defend his client) during trial. He will definitely fight for you, and most importantly he is a good person. He knows what it takes to give his clients the best possible defense; you won’t be disappointed. We weren’t! Thank you again Andrew!!