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January 11, 2017

This review is for Attorney Andrew Rudolphi

My name is Sami and this review is for.
my 18 year old son was charged with possession to distribute.
My son had many juvenile court cases for truancy in the last couple of years and the courts, the police and the probation officers had become his hunting demons since he was suffering from anxiety with severe symptoms of depression.
The court did not understand and we had no good attorney relied on public defendants for almost 2 years and no one was able to make the case that he was not truant but had a fear to be in public so we made my son’s life hell because we never had a real attorney. Please do not make my mistakes ever, stay away from public defenders and go clean bathrooms as second job, but safe your kids if they need your help!
When my son turned 18 the state brought back charges for marijuana found on his room a year earlier. Now they were charging him with possession with intent. That charge totally destroyed my already terrorized child.
I found John Boneta on line and made an appointment to see him.
When I went to meet Mr. Boneta, he was not there but a young attorney who seemed very pleasant to talk too, and kind and decent by the name of Andrew Rudolphi met me and we signed the papers for him to represent me.
I had gone there for John Bonetta and was not sure if Andrew could be as good an attorney as Boneta seems to have build his reputation in the community.
As much as I was worried for my son I wanted to talk to Andrew every second for updates and it would not stick in my mind that the good attorneys have many cases and mess up or ignore none that’s why they are great.
He kept telling me to calm down and i suspected perhaps once you pay them they have no more motivation to spend time with you.
I send an e mail to him and his firm, telling the firm and him personally that I did not go there to hire Andrew but Bonta’s firm and thought my attorney was Boneta and he could be simply Bonetta’s assistant, something I feel not proud now to have said but I was in panic for my son.
I regret my hasty reaction, especially after I had the chance to see for myself what a fantastic lawyer Andrew really is.
Something I suspect is that his personality spread good energy and I thinkt a kind person like Andrew will be very successful in cutting a deal for you with the prosecutor if your case permits a better deal, better than fighting a risky trial battle in the courtroom.
Andrew, even though younger than half my age was not only a wonderful young man but a great professional and show no signs of contempt for my letter to his firm when I knew nothing how good a layer he is and wanted only Boneta to represent my son but worked with same dedication and kindness and tried to get the best he could get for my son, and oh God the best he did.
I just finished my son’s case today and just wished to all the man and women out there who have been in trouble with the law and perhaps punished more than they deserve, they only be lucky to get an attorney like me and my son found in Andrew.
Cases are not all the same different circumstances, different, prosecutors, different judges and different probation officers but a good attorney like Andrew Rudolphi will be a blessing for you if you face yourself against felony misdemeanor or whatever charges there might be
He will fight for you to prove your innocence or to shed some positive lights in your defense because in the front of the state you are a criminal for any criminal offense but you know you are a human that deserve the best professional to defend you for your troubles in life.
I give Andrew the best ratings an attorney can ever get.
God bless this young man!