A life saver

September 24, 2017

I was ticketed for throwing a cigarette butt out the window. But I didn’t know is that’s a class one misdemeanor. I found Mr. Rudophi’s firm though Avvo when I was freaking out and they helped give me peace of mind. I interviewed several lawyers but I decided on Mr. Rudophi because he was confident, kind, and it just felt right. I was worried about any convictions due to the nature of my work. Mr. Rudophi gave me homework to do and I did it. On the day of court he showed up and we talked for a little bit before he went to go speak with the prosecutor. While I was waiting I saw other people who were there who’s lawyers were telling them if the judge calls your name and I’m not here tell him that I’m busy and they’ll skip over you. I was so grateful to have Mr. Rudophi because I was only focus that morning. He was with me the whole way and ended up having the case dropped. I went from a nightmare to absolute relief and I know it’s because I chose a good lawyer like Mr. Rudophi.