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You can trust him 100%

Andrew Rudolphi is the BEST lawyer ever!! He is very professional, intelligent, caring and treated me/my case with the utmost respect and importance. He guided me through the process and advised me what to do in regards to my case. His guidance helped me... [Read more]

three tickets in 2019

Andrew Rudolphi did an awesome job defending me in traffic court. I am not proud of the fact that I received three tickets in 2019, but I am happy to say that Mr. Rudolphi worked hard to make sure all charges were either dismissed or reduced and I received no... [Read more]

sharp attorney

Let's face it, when it comes to the law and lawyers, many of us cringe. Our lack of experience when combined with a complex, foreign environment, keeps many of us up at night. But then there is Andrew. From first contact (we were referred to him by a... [Read more]

Give him a call

Highly recommend Mr Rudolphi. He is an excellent attorney, very professional, extremely knowledgeable, will walk you through every step and to top it off a really nice guy. I found myself needing an attorney for the 1st time in many years and I am so glad to... [Read more]

eternally grateful

Andrew Rudolphi is a miracle worker. I realize that's some high-praise, but I feel it's warranted in this case. He was attentive to my every need and responsive to my every question in the weeks leading up to the court appearance at which he represented me.... [Read more]